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Shipping & Delivery

Track your order and find key information on our Shipping policies.

How to I track my Order

You can enter your email address into the chat bot below to trace your order. Alternatively you can log into your Cernucci account through our online store and check the fulfillment status of your recent order.If you don't have a Cernucci account you

Will I be charged Customs or Import Fees

There will be no custom/import fees for anybody in the UK, EU, Norway or Switzerland. When the recipient is outside of these regions, they are responsible for assuring the product can be imported into the destination country. The recipient is the imp

Do you ship to my Country

For more information about where we do, and do not, ship to, please click the link below:. Shipping Information

What if my package gets lost or arrives damaged?

At Cernucci, we strive to ensure every order reaches you in perfect condition. In the event that your order is lost during transit, please reach out to our customer support team with your order number and any relevant details. If you experience a del