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Top 5 Questions

Need a quick answer to our top queries. We got you.

How to I track my Order?

You can enter your email address into the chat bot below to trace your order. Alternatively you can log into your Cernucci account through our online store and check the fulfillment status of your recent order.If you don't have a Cernucci account you

Can I cancel or amend my Order?

We are unable to cancel an order after it’s been placed, as they are sent to our warehouse for processing within minutes of being placed. if you placed the order by mistake or don’t want the items you can go through the returns process to send your o

What is the Cernucci Guarantee?

We are fully committed to creating and providing the best standard of jewellery, which is why we offer a 12 month Cernucci Guarantee for all purchases of jewellery. If your product arrives damaged or has any manufacturing defect within 12 months of y

How do I Return an Item?

To return an item, please go to our returns portal here: Cernucci Returns

I received a faulty item. What do I do?

We will get this fixed for you ASAP. Please use the contact form below to submit the details of the fault to us.